Tesla Referral Program Winner in China Received 9-Month Ownership of Model Y

This lucky Tesla owner is the first owner in Shanghai and second in China who received this prize.


Currently Tesla offers a Referral Program for owners to refer new customers. If the new buyer place an order using the unique referral link or code shared by a Tesla owner, both the buyer and the owner get a reward of 1,500 km of free supercharging at Tesla Supercharging stations. For the owner who referred the new customer, there is an extra bonus of 9-month ownership of Model Y.

On March 13th, Tesla Referral Program winner of the month has been drawn in China. The prize is 9-month ownership of Model Y. This lucky owner is the first Tesla owner in Shanghai and the second in China who won this prize.

This is already the second term of the Referral Program. Now the winner of the Program is drawn every month.

Tesla is speeding up the deployment of its supercharging network in China. Currently there are more than 6,000 supercharging stalls in China, with more than 760 supercharging stations and more than 700 destination charging stations in operation, covering more than 300 cities.

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