Chinese EV Startup NIO Has Provided Over 2 Million Battery Swap Services

Second-generation battery swapping stations to be deployed in Q2 this year;
maximum 13 batteries at one station.


NIO announced that as of March 24th, it has provided battery swap services for more than 2 million times, which means that every 10 seconds there is a NIO car leaving the station, fully charged.

NIO has provided owners with a total of 100 million kWh of electricity, which is available to cover more than 396 million kilometers of mileage, reducing carbon emissions of 2,6065.5 tons. The owner enjoyed the battery swap services for 654 times.

The second-generation battery swapping stations are expected to be deployed in the second quarter this year. With maximum 13 batteries in one station, the second-generation stations are able to provide 312 battery swaps on a daily basis, which is 3 times more than the first generation.

Currently there are 193 NIO battery swapping stations, 134 supercharging stations with 1,034 stalls, 327 destination charging stations with 1,820 stalls in China. NIO’s network is also connected with more than 380,000 third-party stalls. The number of the battery swapping stations nationwide is expected to reach 500 by the end of 2021.

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